Beneath These Lies (Page 44)

“You want to know what? You remember last time we got this far and you decided you’d had enough?”

A tendril of fear twisted around the pleasure and pain as he rolled my nipple, his silver gaze burning with intensity.

I nodded.

“Good. Because that shit don’t fly with me. You’re gonna beg for this—” He nudged his cock against me, making my inner muscles clench with need. “Before I give it to you.”

Beg? A frown tugged my lips downward, but Rix increased the pressure on my nipples and gave me another teasing push with his cock.

God, I want him. Now. I was already begging in my head, and the words would soon be on my lips.

Rix raised an eyebrow. “You want this?” He thrust an inch before pulling out completely, never letting go of his hold on my nipple.

“Yes. Please. I need it,” I whispered. “Please—”

A slow smile spread over his face. “Then say it, duchess.”

I shook my head, confused about anything beyond the pleasure he was withholding from me. I’d begged. What else did he want from me?

He pressed his cock to my entrance once more and I raised my hips, trying to take more. Shaking his head, Rix tsk-tsked.

“Not until you say it. Or I walk.”

“Say what?” I demanded, frustration edging my words. I needed him inside me. Now.

“You’re mine.”

He spoke the words like a vow, and I could do nothing but give the words back to him. Because they were the truth.

“I’m yours.”

He slammed home with one thrust and I arched into his lean, muscled body. It was beautiful. A perfect blend of pain and pleasure, and I wanted both from this man.

“Fucking perfect. Everything I knew you would be.” The words were a low growl. He gripped my calves and lifted my legs until they rested on his shoulders. “Gonna take everything I need from you, but you’ll get what you need too.”

And that was the last he spoke before he began to pound into me. Over and over. Readjusting the angle and my position so he could get deeper and, oh Jesus, he found my G-spot.

My vision blurred as he worked his hips and never slowed his pace. An orgasm like I’d never experienced before gathered inside me, building with every thrust until I teetered on the edge, detonation imminent.

Rix never stopped. He pushed me over the edge mercilessly, sliding his hand between my legs and pressing his thumb over my clit.

My scream might have woken the neighbors, but I didn’t care.

It. Was. Glorious.

I rode out the orgasm as Rix continued to take me with decadent intensity. His own roar sounded as his hips stilled and his cock pulsed inside me.

Sweat dripped from his face, and my own skin was slick. I didn’t know if it had come from him or me, but it didn’t matter.

I think I can check “fuck of a lifetime” off my bucket list.

A small giggle escaped from my lips and Rix’s gaze snapped to mine. “Now is not the time to be laughing, duchess.”

I covered my mouth, my smile growing larger. “I can’t help it. I think my brain quit working. I’m blaming you.”

His lips curved upward into a genuine smile, and the expression on his face relaxed. “Guess I can handle that.”

He squeezed my hip before he lowered my legs and slid out from between them. The loss of his fullness wasn’t welcome. I wasn’t ready to let him go. But instead of saying those ridiculous things out loud, I watched as he crossed to the bathroom and disappeared inside.

I pulled the sheet up around my cooling body and curled onto my side, facing the bathroom.

I can’t believe that just happened.

Being woken from a dead sleep on the brink of the best orgasms of my life was a new experience for me. And I was happy to repeat it anytime.

Rix came back into view within moments, his attention skimming over my body as he moved toward the bed.

He didn’t speak as he lifted the sheet and slid under it. He also didn’t speak as he rolled me over and pulled me back into his big, warm body. His arm wrapped around me, pinning me against him, and I didn’t protest. I’d never really spooned with anyone before, and he would have been the last person I would have expected it from. But I couldn’t stop myself from snuggling back into him, soaking up his warmth.

His lips found my ear, and the words he growled into it left no doubt as to how much had truly changed in the space of the last hour.

“You sleep in my arms. Come on my cock. Reach for me in the night. That’s how it’s gonna go from here on out, duchess. That’s just the beginning of being mine.”

I didn’t know how to respond. A simple okay seemed weak. But I didn’t have any declarations of my own to add to it. I was completely okay with everything he said, but I also wondered what followed just the beginning of being mine.

“Now, turn your head and kiss your man. Because I’m beat, and we need to catch some sleep.”

I twisted my head to meet his eyes. “I guess this means you’re mine too, right?”

Rix gave me a sharp nod. “Damn right.”

“I can work with that.” I pressed my lips to his and turned to get comfortable again.

I felt his lips on my hair, and as I drifted off, I thought I heard him say, “Yeah, you’ll work with that.”

I WOKE ALONE, AND IF not for the messy bed and the definite soreness between my legs, I would have thought I’d dreamed the whole thing. But it had happened. I replayed every memory as I let the hot water of my shower cascade over me.

Give your man a kiss.

My man was a criminal. My father was a judge. And very soon, I had to tell the cop who said he wasn’t giving up the fight that he’d already lost.