Beneath These Chains (Page 67)

Elle straightened. “Damn right I am—do you have any idea how good that car handles? I’m not sure if Eleanor is going to be able to impress me after that.”

I pressed a thumb to her lips. “Bite your tongue, woman. That’s an insult to all American muscle. Now go get your ass in your German machine, and I’ll follow you home.” I started to pull away, and then stopped. “Except … if Hennessy calls…”

She nodded. “You do whatever you need to do.”

That reminded me. “I have your purse. And you drove without a license?”

Elle’s shrug was the definition of so sue me. “Desperate times.”

My phone hadn’t rung the entire drive home. I’d followed Elle in the Porsche as she’d hugged the turns and mostly kept to five over the speed limit. Back at her ma’s, the house was dark and quiet, so we tiptoed our way to the guestroom she’d chosen. I hadn’t made it to my house to get her stuff, but at least some of her clothes had been in my car. I spit my toothpaste in the sink of the guest bath, and still, my phone didn’t ring. There was nothing I could do but wait.

It was going to be a long night.

Rinsing my mouth and grabbing my phone off the counter, I crossed the hallway and slipped back into the bedroom.


My words cut off as my eyes landed on the bed.

Elle. Spread out. Naked.

All creamy skin and perfectly round tits tipped with rosy pink nipples.

She ran a hand down her body as she spoke. “I know there are probably better ways to handle everything that happened today, but I can’t think of one right now. I just … I need you.”

And that was all she had to say.

I crossed to the side of the bed, slid my phone on the nightstand, and dropped my drawers. I needed her too. With the insanity of everything today, I just needed to check out for a while—because there wasn’t a goddamn thing either of us could do to change what had happened. All we could do was clean up the shattered pieces left from the mess.

But that could wait.

Until Lord had shoved his boxer briefs down his hips, I’d been completely freaking out this had been the worst idea ever. But still, I wanted to beat back the specter of death that seemed to be creeping up on us from every angle.

Lord said nothing before he lowered his head and took my mouth.

This wasn’t a regular, ordinary kiss. This was … all of the pent up emotions and uncertainties pouring out through the meeting of lips.

I wrapped both hands around his neck, pulled him closer and kissed him harder. The energy rolling off him carried an edge of danger. But I wasn’t going to shy away from it. Instead, I spurred Lord on. Dragging my nails down his shoulders, I sank them into the muscles of his back. He groaned into my mouth, lowering himself on his forearms to get closer. His lower half—and his rock hard cock—pressed into me.

My body seemed to liquefy on contact. It didn’t matter what was happening outside this room—the entire world could be falling apart—and still I’d want this man. Anywhere, anytime, and any way I could have him.

Lord pulled up a few inches.

“I need this. Need you. You’re the only fucking thing that makes sense right now.”

“I need you too.”

He squeezed his eyes shut before lowering his lips again, this time landing on my jaw and dragging them down my throat, to my collarbone. Nips and scrapes of his teeth sent goose bumps prickling across my skin. He moved lower still, mouth closing over my nipple and his hand finding my other breast to cup and tease the peak.

Heat and slickness pooled between my legs, and my hips bucked against him, seeking more and more pressure. More and more Lord.

All thought faded from my brain, replaced by the pleasure shimmering and rippling through me.

Lord traded one nipple for the other, driving me higher still. His hand slid between my legs, his fingers finding my clit.

“So fucking wet,” he said, lifting his head from my breast. “Can’t wait to be inside you.”

“Then what are you waiting for?

“I’m trying to take this slow.”

I shook my head, “I don’t want slow. Whatever you need is exactly what I want.”

His finger speared up inside me, and he pumped it in and out before adding another. Each motion sent me closer to the edge. Tonight, I was tightly strung, every emotion so close to the surface.

Changing the angle of his hand, he found my G-spot, and pleasure spiraled through me.

“I’m gonna come,” I whispered.

Lord said nothing, just watched as I splintered with the force of the sudden orgasm.

I’d hardly recovered when he was pressing into me.

I didn’t need to recover.

I never wanted to recover.

I wanted this man to wreck me for the rest of my life.

“It gets better every time. How is that even possible?” Lord breathed as his cock sank into me inch by inch.

He stilled when he was seated to the hilt. His eyes found mine, and he pushed the errant strands of my wild hair away from my face.

“You’re so beautiful. So goddamn smart. You’re the whole package, and I’ve got my cock buried inside you. I don’t know how I got here, but I never want to leave.”

“I can work with that,” I replied. The words were hushed when they fell from my lips. My inner muscles clamped down on Lord’s cock.

He groaned. “You’re stealing my control, woman. Before I even get a chance to make you come again.” He withdrew and slammed home, sending more shivers of desire radiating through my limbs.