Beneath These Chains (Page 55)

“Then I want to fuck your mouth the way I’ve been dying to since the first time I saw you. You were standing in a crowd at Con’s party, and you had these red-as-sin lips. Every time you took a drink, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I wanted those lips. Wanted you. That night, I jacked off to the thought of fucking your sexy mouth and coming down your throat.”

I was already wet from the orgasm Lord had wrung from me, but now I was soaked.

Holy. Shit.

Again, Lord’s thumb trailed along my bottom lip. “Open. I want to see those lips wrapped around my cock.”

My mouth opened, and my hand fell away from his cock as he fisted it and held it to my lips.

“Lick the tip.”

My nipples puckered, and I followed his orders. I circled the head, catching the salty precum on my tongue.

Lord’s fingers tightened in my hair, and I knew he was holding back. I didn’t want that. I wanted him to let go. I reached around and grabbed his ass with both hands—fuck, it was a nice ass—and tried to pull him forward.

“Not until I’m ready,” he growled. “And I’m going to savor this.”

Slowly, inch-by-inch, Lord fed his cock into my mouth. He was a big man, almost an uncomfortable fit. I relaxed my jaw, eyes darting up to take him in.

The absolute worship on his face destroyed any hint of discomfort I might be feeling.

“So fucking beautiful.”

And then he began to fuck my face. Hands in my hair, a thumb brushing the hollow of my cheek as he slid in and out—it was intense … and amazing.

I reached up and cupped his balls, and his groan vibrated through his body.

“Fuck, I wanted this to last longer…” He unleashed a growl and threw his head back. “You’re gonna swallow me down. Every last drop.”

Hell yes I am, I thought. I’d take it all. For him.

He yelled my name as he came.

And I took it all.

Lord stared down at me, both thumbs skimming my cheeks as I pulled away. The intensity on his face had morphed into … something I wasn’t sure I was interpreting correctly.

He sat down beside me and pulled me across his lap.

“Don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m not letting you go. Whatever happens, Elle, you’re mine, and you’re staying mine.”

My words came without thought: “Like I could ever be anyone else’s.”

I woke up with Lord’s arms around me, his chest to my back … and his cock sliding inside me.

The last time I’d woken, I’d been the one to reach for him. Sleep paled in comparison to this.

“Can’t get enough of you. Fuck. Don’t think I ever will.” Lord’s words were scratchy with sleep, and I arched my back, pushing into him.

“I’m okay with that,” I said as his arm slipped around me and pulled me tighter before cupping my breast and toying with my nipple.

His thrusts were slow and steady, dragging out the pleasure for both of us as our bodies woke to the sensations. My breathing quickened, and I could feel Lord’s chest expanding and contracting behind me.

His hand slid down, finding my clit, and I was poised on the brink in moments. He knew exactly how to play my body to wring every last ounce of pleasure from me.

“You gonna come with me?” he asked, his teeth finding my earlobe and scraping along it.

“Mmmhmmm,” I moaned, moving into his touch. “But only if you’re going to come in the next sixty seconds, otherwise you’re going to have to play catch up.”

Lord’s thrusts increased, faster and harder, driving us both to the edge. My inner muscles clamped down on him as my body detonated.

“Fuck,” he groaned, tensing with his own orgasm.

We lay there for a moment, spooned together, before Lord pulled away.

“Oh fuck.” This time, the word was not sexy, but concerned.

“What?” I asked, and then I felt it. The wetness sliding out of me. I knew exactly what he was oh fuck-ing about before he even said it.

“I forgot a condom. Didn’t even think about anything but getting inside you again.” He climbed off the bed and headed out of the room.

My mind zigzagged out of post-coital bliss to practicality as he retuned with a washcloth and helped me clean up.

“I’m on the pill, and I’m clean,” I said.

“I’m clean, too, but still—” Lord tossed the washcloth on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed. “I should’ve—”

I laid a hand on his tensed arm. In the moonlight, I could make out the inked designs from his military days. But his protectiveness seemed to have existed long before that … and here he was, trying to protect me again.

“It’s fine. I trust you, and I’m not worried.”

He stared down at me. “Thought you’d be flipping out right now.”

I shook my head. “I don’t care if we never use another condom again.”

His expression once again took on the intensity that I was finally getting used to. “You realize you’re it for me, right?”

“I think I’m getting that. Which works, because you’re it for me too.”

Lord grabbed me and hauled me into his lap, his lips crashing down onto mine. It was a kiss of possession and passion.

When we finally fell asleep again in the early hours of the morning, it was with my head on Lord’s chest, and my hand covering his heart.

Tuesday morning, Rix was waiting in the alley behind Chains when I pulled into the warehouse.

“What’s he doing here?” Elle asked.

“No idea.”